Project portfolio

  • Antiviral engineering, virucides, immune system boosterings, biodisinfectants (bioethanol, bioozone) biooxygen for respiration therapy
  • Production complexes of NOCOVID algae and stem bacteria (archaea)
  • Anti COVID 19 SARS 2: industrial cultivation of microalgae for annihilation of virus effect (Cytokine Storm) by production of active substances for inhibition of bradykinin peptide multiplication and degradation of the formatted dangerous peptides
  • Healthcare- biotechnology immunotherapy, antiviral engineering,
    bioengineering, bioenergetics, biopolymers, biodiversity, environmental health, fermentation engineering, novel food, feed engineering, proteomics engineering, pharmacology engineering, microbiological testing
  • Industrial bioenergetics: zero carbon emitting biogas plants, intensification of bio-ethanol plants, raising energy efficiency with oxy- fuel process, fossil and bio-power plants flue gas bioconversion into biofuel, bioethanol, biodiesel, biohydrogen, bio-methane, CBM (compressed biomethane), BML (biomethane liquid), bio-propanol, biorefinery products
  • Transport: biofuel production, special filling stations, bioelectricity, bio-ethanol, biodiesel, biohydrogen, bio-oxygen, bio-propanol, biomethane, BMV (biomethane vehicle), BML, CBM, auto gas, highway rest areas waste and wastewater treatment with bioenergy production, car washes and truck & vehicle cleaners – car cosmetics production with environmentally friendly methods
  • Agricultural waste recycling: organic waste to bio-energy
  • Environmental industry: GHGs, CO2 bioconversion into bioenergetical and biotechnological products; sewage treatment intensification with the generated bio-oxygen, improving the activated sludge’s activity; bio-filter cartridges, using the gas phase of composting, compost quality enhancement, sewage sludge disposal with raised energetical potential; heavy metal- and radioactive pollution disposal by bio-iodine production, agricultural carbon capture with biofertilizers
  • Water management: complex water use – thermal (temperature and salinity), -wastewater (nutrients)
  • Biotechnological products: enzymes, waste- and wastewater treatment additives, plant-cell cultures, medicinal plant-, aromatic- spice herbs extracts, bio-hydrometallurgical additives, microorganisms for enhanced oil recovery (MEOR)
  • Livestock: bio-forages, bio fish-feeds, soy-substitution feeds, feed salts, veterinary raw materials, animal hygiene, cosmetics, fertilizers, manure and waste treatment materials, bioenergy, biofuels, bio-manure, biochar, bone oil, animal farms own feed and energy production
  • Nutritional supplements: omega fatty acids, single-cell proteins, natural vitamins, enzymes, trace elements, dietary and baby nutrients
  • Crops production: biological seed treatment mediums, carbon-absorbing bio-composts, bio-pesticides, foliar fertilizers, bio-ethanol, biodiesel, vegetable extracts from specific plants feedstock
  • Forestry: biopesticides, soil additives, waste to energy, bio-ethanol, bio-methane, CBM, BML, biorefinery products
  • Medicine: bio-pharmaceuticals – the production of raw materials, biomedicine, medical products, medical cosmetics, microbiological mediums, surgical & dental auxiliary materials, vegetable stem cells
  • Oil and gas industry: Use the gases of CO2 deposits, natural gas resources with low methane content, stored waste and flue gases, inherent gases of oil resources for production of biotechnological products, MEOR
  • Space industry: special food supply of astronauts, cabin-air treatment
  • Catering: restaurants & spas – supply of biotechnological products, local waste processing, bioenergy production
  • Wood and furniture industry: waste processing, production of bio-wood stains, impregnating agents
  • Plastics industry: biopolymers, bio-resins production
  • Soft drinks and spirit drinks additives
  • Food industry: bioethanol, biogas production from wastes
  • Canning industry: additive production
  • Production of dairy additives, increase the efficiency of water-, waste – and energy management of diaries
  • Increase efficiency of integrated must gas-, sewage- and waste management of wineries
  • Bio-economic development and circular economy
  • Regional and settlement development
  • Bio-oil production
  • Sugar factories – rationalization of lime water-, waste- and energy management, production of organic sweeteners, zero carbon emission
  • Production of bakery and pasta industry additives
  • Cement industry: utilization of gas emissions, energy efficiency
  • With further improvements new procedures can be introduced


R&D&I (innovation activity) 

Economy Circular, climate-environment-health protection,
water, waste energy pollution management