Envirosan DC. and Envihorizont LLC. was founded to support the technological optimisation of sewage plants, technological planning of environment- and water quality protecting facilities, technical advising and on-field measuring for environmental monitoring.


Nowadays we are active on new fields, like climate- and environment protection and human healthcare, such as the integrated engineering to support our activity linked with bioenergetics and high specific biotechnology applications to ensure sustainability and high economicity of our fields of activity, projects of integrated climate protecting, bioenergetical, biotechnological, bioindustrial facilities, adopted to the Hungarian and international executions.

(EU EACI: EEN KH 13HU 50S2 3NVI; UN UNIDO, FAO, WIPO registration; Nr.:237942)


Our micro-enterprise has 6 co-workers from different fields of engineering. (Europe eng., chemistry, energetics, environmental-, mechanical-, civil-, automatization-, and electrical engineering). Depending on project complexity with the help of our qualified partners we can solve the most complex engineering- and economical tasks.


We possess different licenses on many field of professional activities, such as the licence of the Chamber of Hungarian Engineers for the fields of planning, expert, technological and technical controlling, responsible technical leadership and investment managing.


We participate in research and integrated projects evaluation, monitoring, reviewing on field of bio-industries, biotechnologies, integrated climate and environment protection in framework of FP7, Eurostar, EACI, Horizon 2020 Programmes of European Commission; we participated in evaluation of proposals in Greece Technology Collaboration program; we started the evaluation of climate protection proposals in framework of EEA Grants.


In 2015 we received the award of Oxford Academy–European Business Association for our activity on the field of climate protection and we are Elite Member of WORLDCOB.


We are members of domestic and international (EU, USA, Canada) scientific organisations on the field of environment protection, renewable energies, climate protection and sustainable development.


The company was registered to the United Nations Global Marketplace (WIPO, UNIDO, FAO) in February 2013 and the BeBiCliEnv system was presented successful to UNIDO.


In 2013 and 2014 we participated in B2B programs of EASME-EEN- HITA- HCCI and Missions for Growth Programs of EU Commission.


Mr. Béla Tőzsér,

owner, director

European engineer, industrial bioenergy, biotechnology, biotechnology, environment and climate protection, ecological products, water analysis and water treatment, senior expert, bioengineering technology, water engineering, senior design engineer, energy and water management constructions technical head and supervisor, energy and biotechnology auditor, project manager, MMK 17-0017, EU16931, WEF 1687301EUC-REA: CT-EX2006C115235, EUC-EACI: CT-EX 2008C00483, EU Commission – Reg.Nr.: EC-EACI- EEN 12 HU 50S2 3NVI; UN UNIDO, FAO, WIPO registration; Nr.:237942; company was registered to the United Nations Global Marketplace (WIPO, UNIDO, FAO) at February 2013; H2020 evaluator C115235-107/2015

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